English-led classes.

Welcome Spring. Welcome new energy.

Goodbye winter. Goodybe dark season. Goodby tiredness. And welcome new energy, vitality and enjoyment of life. According to the flowers and animals which arouse, this yoga session is all about finding new activity and leave behind all of our inertia and dullness. With standing and balancing positions we find back to our strength and our inner balance.  Dynamic variations will pull you out of your daily grint and give you new impulses. The including pranayama praxis will give you the breathing energy to master the class.


Where:  Wiesbaden

Date:     April, the 2nd 2017

Time:    2:30 - 4:00 p.m.


Anahata Chakra, the fourth main chakra is located in the center of the seven main chakras. As a bridge between the three chakras above and the three chakras below it brings together secular and spiritual perspectives and therefore defines us as human beings.


To heal a blocked Anahata Chakra takes to feel and sense with no strings attached. Through specific asanas (yoga poses) the opening of Anahata Chakra can be supported. During the yoga practice theses poses will be combined with or breath to come in deeper contact with ourselves.


For participating in the class you should be healthy and have a basic sense of your body, but you don't need any specific yoga experience.


Where:   Wiesbaden

Date:      May, the 28th 2017

Time:     2:30 - 4:00 p.m.

Fokus on your breath.

Only a few people use their full potential of breathing. But using more of the breathing potential have many advantages. On the physical point of view, breathing deeply brings more oxygen to the body to enhance its functioning. Further more its a good exercise for your heart, circulation and total lung capacity. On the psychological point of view, breathing deeply enhances your concentration, ease of mind and mental strength. It improves your capacity to deal with stress and manage your emotions to find your inner balance.

For participating in the class you don't need any specific yoga experience.


Where:  Wiesbaden

Date:     September, the 30th 2017

Time:    10:00 - 11:30 a.m.